Panther Technology Aug 14, 2012

We want to be sure you know about a great new company – and a great offer especially for our followers.

Panther Technology has created a suite of advanced premium apps based on Universal Design. The apps are novel, fresh and exciting. They provide a fantastic platform for building skills and doing everyday tasks - with an interface specifically designed to include many people with motoric disabilities. There are also some wonderfully designed games with special settings to address the needs of the our community, and to promote inclusion.

The first app being launched is Panther Connect. It allows new access methods for computers by turning the iPad into a Universally Designed computer controller.

The company was founded by Richard Ellenson, the creator of the Tango! He and his son were featured on our cover back in 2006. And, in fact, in September we'll be running a feature about his exciting new contribution to special needs and special education

As a way of showing his appreciation for our work and our community , Panther is letting us share the launch, and the news that they will offering the app for 50% off – but only for the first 50 hours.

Panther won't be making the special offer announcement to the general public, but only to certain groups and those who have connected with the company through FaceBook and Twitter.

If you want to get Panther Connect, you can get it from the app store, but only through noon Friday.

If you are interested in other apps, check out And to be informed about other apps as Panther releases them – including inclusive tools for math, reading, writing, and many games – connect with the company at PantherTechnology on Facebook, or PantherApps on Twitter, or through the email link you'll find on their site.